Astute Scholarz

An Nft art collection that represents the outcast of the world. There are 5 different characters that make up the Astute Scholarz (AS). Each character in the collection will be revealed once the previous collection mints out. After all 5 characters have been revealed and minted out, another collection will be released of all 5 characters together (a group pic collection in a sense). After the group pic collection is minted out, a comic book collection will be released. With each collection drop the supply may be vary. To start this 1st collection will be a supply of 2,250.


All Astute Scholarz Nft collections will be given the opportunity to have whitelist spots. The whitelist spots will be given away, same as 2Cold Coin is given away. To complete the whitelist opportunity, you must hold a min of 200 2Cold Coin (2CD). If you do not have 2oo 2CD at the time of snap shot, you will forfeit your whitelist spot. The whitelist spots will allow you to mint Astute Scholarz Nfts at a discounted price, and 1-2 hr before public mint opens. Snap shot, price, date, and time will all be announced at a later date.  


The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep represents those of us who are often labeled as the “black sheep” amongst our family and friends. Although we may be seen as this in society. We all know the black sheep is often a forward thinker, visionary, and even a bit rebellious. This collection is made up of 2,250 Nfts. This will be the genesis of the Astute Scholarz. To celebrate this being 2Cold’s 1st Nft collection, there will be other Nfts gifted to all Black Sheep holders. There will be a tier system with different gifts.

All Black Sheep holders will be gifted a 2Cold avatar at a later date. To show appreciation for your support.

All white listed Black Sheep holders will be gifted another 2Cold Nft, on top of the 2Cold avatar