NFTArt Collection

A swaggy NFT art collection, that brings many opportunities to collect more NFT artwork dropped by 2Cold. Along with Astute Scholarz products. The Astute Scholarz, has 5 characters in total.

The 1st drop is "Thee Black Sheep" Collection. Check out the complete Astute Scroll.

“Thee Black Sheep” NFT is the Genesis collection of the Astute Scholarz (AS)

Minting/Holder rewards

PHD Scholarz = 7 or more Black Sheep Nfts

Masters Scholarz = 5-6 Black Sheep Nfts

Holders receive 3% of secondary sales, split amongst holders, each month. Will be dropped both music Nft songs (Astute Mint, & Scholary Astute), & 1 Nft of the 2nd Astute Scholar collection Nfts (when we start minting those), able to enter giveaways, more to come TBA

Bachelors Scholarz = Hold 3-4 Black Sheep Nfts

Associate Scholarz = Hold 1-2 Black Sheep Nfts

Able to enter giveaways. More to come TBA

A 5 series collection. Will make up Thee Astute Scholarz (AS) NFT collection, living on the XRP Ledger

Thee Astute Scholarz (AS) is an NFT art collection that represents the outcast and misunderstood people of the world. There are 5 different characters that make up Thee Astute Scholarz (AS) collection. Each character in the collection will be revealed once the previous collection mints out. With each collection drop the supply may vary. To start, this 1st collection will be “Thee Black Sheep”, with a  supply of  2,250.

All 5 Astute Scholarz (AS) NFT collections will be given the opportunity to have Allow List spots. Thee Allow List spots will be given away, same as 2Cold Coin is given away. To complete thee Allow List  opportunity, you must hold a min of 200 2Cold Coin (2CD) (the min 2CD to hold may change to less depending on the price of XRP). If you do not have 2oo 2CD at the time of snapshot, you will forfeit your Allow List spot. The Allow List spots, will allow you to mint Astute Scholarz (AS) NFTs at a discounted price, mint 24 hrs. before public mint opens.


_our concept :

We stand out cause we don't fit in. Being a outcast and misunderstood is actually dope

In a world where everyone wants to fit in. We stand out, cause we don't fit in. We see and understand things beyond the surface. Once you see it, you can't unsee it


Thee artwork is not rare but unique

Astute Scholarz

_Our mission :

Building a community that brings all the outcast people who are misunderstood in the world, together. And bringing them some swaggy artwork

Thee Astute Scholarz represent the outcast of society

We aspire to inspire, everyone to continue to be 100% themselves no matter what

Astute: Adjective | as·​tute | \ ə-'stüt , a-, -'styüt \

Mentally sharp, clever, and has good judgment. Having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this into one's advantage

Scholar: Noun | schol· ar | \ ˈskä-lər

A person who studies a subject in great detail, especially at a university. Someone who is intelligent or good at learning by studying

Being selfishly selfless is a art

We rise as individuals and a commUNITY by lifting others

NFTs Astute
stute Scholarz
_Comming soon….

_Who we are?

We are a team of creative and passionate members

Astute Scholarz (AS) are on the XRPL (XRP Ledger), and can be bought with XRP. The marketplace we are minting on is xMart. Here is the link to the collection

NFT “Non-fungible token” is unique and can’t be replaced with something else

Buying NFTs is done on the blockchain. Using crypto currency

Astute Scholarz (AS) 1st NFT collection, Thee Black Sheep, is minting now on xMart marketplace

2Cold is the creator and Token Panda is the artist bringing all of 2Cold’s artistic ideas to life

Xumm wallet is highly recommended, but you can use any wallet that holds XRPL trustlines


Frequently asked questions from investors

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