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What is 2Cold Coin?

2Cold Coin (2CD) is the first fan token on the XRPL. It has a total supply of 500,000. This is not a nft project. Although nft artwork will be added the project at a later (TBA). 2Cold is the utility of/for the 2Cold Coin project, as of right now. As the coin grows, 2Cold will be putting alot more back into the community, then she already does. With providing more educational space calls, & educational giveaways (mostly during the 2Cold XrplCookout Twitter space calls), putting profits into making the XRPLCookouts better. As the XRPLCookouts grow she will be able to “hire” people within the community to be apart of the 2Cold Coin project. She is hoping to expand the XRPLCookouts to reach all social media platforms. In order for that to happen, she needs to build a team SHE CAN TRUST. As time goes on, she will add more utility to the project. Such as nfts, & doing collabs w other projects, building a communiy center in Zerp Craft (was/is done but Zerp Craft is no longer a project because of Minecraft shutting down blockchain integrations & NFTs) & in Second Life (to have/host events in the metaverses). So as of right now this is more of a “Fan Token”. Like “Hey I see you & everything you do for the XRPL community 2Cold. And I wanna show you some support & love right back.”

What is The Purpose?

The purpose of the 2Cold Coin is to help grow the 2Cold XRPLCOOKOUTS to be bigger & better then it already is. She started hosting 1 call weekly on Sundays, and has now expanded to hosting 4 calls regularly throughout the week, on Twitter. She wants to help educate across the world on all social media platforms, about our beloved XRP Ledger (XRPL), XRP, the Xumm wallet , the projects we feel that will sustain on the XRP Ledger & crypto in general. She has also brought on regular co host to assist w new calls now.

2Cold aims to take these space calls not only onto other social media platforms but also into the metaverses. She wants to provide entertaining, educational, fun environments where ever she hosts projects or people in the nft/crypto world. She already has a building in Zerpcarft (a XRPL project) where she will be hosting fun, educational events. She is having a building built in the metaverse, Second Life. Where she plans to have projects come on stage as guests, and have the community join in there as the audience. She also hopes to have live concerts by @XRPLemi & @KillaStryda, along w other performers. 2Cold Coin will be used in this environment as possible passes, but most definitely for VIP access.


The airdrop details will be updated later to the whitepaper, as well as announced during a 2Cold XRPLCookout. The airdrop will be for holders ONLY. Not just having a trustline set. With her being so involved in the XRPL community, with project creators, & devs, she understands the troubles projects face with airdrop bots & farmers. In order to avoid that type of a situation, she will be airdropping to holders only. This much she does know. There will be plenty of chances to become a holder, not just by buying 2CD. She will be doing giveaways for 2CD. You Know The Vibez.

The Journey

About 2Cold

Now, allow me to introduce myself. I'm 2Cold, a community builder & the creator of 2Cold Coin (2CD), the #2COLD #XRPLCOOKOUT Presents, on Twitter space calls, & NFT project Astute Scholarz (link above for Astute Scholarz page.) I host these scheduled space calls regularly on: Thursdays The #WakeAndBakeVibez, Fridays (when projects hire me for giveaway promos) #FishFryFryDay Giveaways, Saturday nights The XRPL #PoolParty & Sundays the #2COLD #XRPLCOOKOUTS. I also host non scheduled space calls regularly during the week. Where the some of the XRPL community, crypto & NFT community come hang out to talk about, educate & things all things all XRPL, crypto & NFTs in general. I'm also the Ambassador for 2 reputable XRPL projects, X Bot Club & Anbu Legends.

Along with organizing these calls, bringing communities together & helping educate the community during the XRPLCookouts & throughout the week. I have live trivia giveaways, & play xclusive blockchain music by @XRPLemi (#XLemi) & @KillaStryder (owner of XRPL project Sonar muse). Everything I do in my space calls are about helping educate people about the XRPL, the Xumm Wallet, XRP, projects on the XRPL, crypto & NFTs in general.

My networking abilities help people & projects make connections & forge new collaborations together within the XRPL Community. One very recent example is: helping connect the Editions & StayK X projects. She does a lot behind the scenes that the XRPL community does not know about.

Along w this I also help assist @XRPLemi & @KillaStryder w their crypto blockchain music. They bring hip hop to the XRPL & crypto blockchains w a very fun, educating, substance type of vibe. By using their lyrical genius & dope word play in their music. They have about 30 songs on @XRPLemi's YouTube channel & streaming platforms, of songs specifically about XRP, XRPL projects, & crypto in general. I'm featured on about half of their songs. I play xclusive music from them when or even sometimes before they drop songs on their streaming platforms. They are heard first on all 3 of the 2Cold XRPLCookout Presents calls, before they hit any platforms. Together we bring education to the crypto space & the XRPL community in our own unique way.

2Cold XRPLCOOKOUT Presents

Under the #2COLD #XRPLCOOKOUT Presents umbrella, she has created a variety of calls throughout the week. Right now she has created 4 calls so far: Thursday (weekly) The Wake & Bake Vibes (@ 2pm EST) w co host @XRPLemi & @KillaStryder (owner/creator of XRPL project Sonar Muse). This is where we bring music vibez to the XRPL. Have open discussions on music, music nfts, the music industry, crypto & any/everything in between. All musical artists are welcome to join the conversations, as well as share their music during the calls. As of 7/21/2022 we will be streaming music off the Sonar Muse platform. This helps showcase & grow the XRPL Sonar Muse project. We also help educate the community on interledger payments. Streaming the music on Sonar Muse platforms helps show how live mircopayments work while using the Sonar Muse platform.

Friday (occasionally) The "Fish Fry FryDay Giveaway" calls. This is the way 2Cold helps promote projects & do giveaways (her way). Projects will not be present on the calls for this. Projects will have “hired” her to do these giveaways for them. She doesn't want to do "giveaways" that consist of making a tweet, that’s a retweet, tag friends, follow her & the project. Naw, she wants to help ensure that she is putting projects coins in real people’s hands, who are interested enough in the project(s) to do little research while live on the air w her. By doing live trivia on the air w her, this is what sets her apart.

The giveaway winners will not be picked using the “Twitter Picker” generator. This will also help projects on the XRPL find people who are interested enough in their project to want to do a little research while live on the air w her, in order to win. This helps projects find their real community, eliminate twitter bots/farmer accounts from winning their coins, & helps educate the Xrpl community about projects in a fun manner, all at the same time. The “Fish Fry FryDay Giveaway” calls will happen when she has at least 3/5 projects that want to use this promo service she provides. She has already done 5 "Fish Fry FryDay Giveaway" calls.

Saturday (weekly) is the XRPL Pool Party (@11 pm EST) w co host Gorilla jakes, & Tripple X (X-rated, or 3x). We bring crypto, blockchain, metaverses & anything goes late night conversions. It is very likely during these calls, you can catch some of the hosts in Second Life (Meta Verse) having a good time, while chatting on the Twitter space call.

Sunday (weekly) is The XRPLCookout (times vary). This is where 2Cold invites projects on the XRPL to come speak to/with the community. Giving the community an opportunity to learn about more than 1 project at a time, hearing from the projects creators or devs themselves. Then giving the community the chance to ask any/all questions/concerns straight to the projects. During the XRPLCookouts, she does live trivia giveaways & plays xclusive music by @XRPLemi & @KillaStryda. She brings a fun educational vibe during the XRPLCookout. This is the foundation of the #2COLD #XRPLCOOKOUT Presents calls. These calls were the only calls she was scheduling regularly for 6 months. From the #XRPLCOOKOUTS, she has obviously grown her calls to be more frequent, along w a variety different topics. Thus creating the 2Cold XRPLCOOKOUT Presents......

As time goes on she will be creating other space calls throughout the week. Touching on different subjects of the XRPL/XRP & crypto in some type of educational/informational manner. She will continue to bring education & information to the community in her own way. Continuing to make it entertaining, educational & fun. 2Cold, Raw & Uncut, You Know The Vibez.

Why choose 2Cold Coin (2CD)

Perks & Benefits

XRPL Community Center
2Cold engages with a lot of project owners, devs, and their communities. She loves engaging w her community and speaking/sharing info live on Twitter Space Calls, w the XRPL community
Educational Information
Bringing projects on Twitter Space to talk to/with the XRPL community. Giving the community opportunities to ask any & all questions to a project, live on the air.
Xclusives For Holders
More info in verify holder button

2Cold Coin is using the technology of the XRP Ledger

The XRP Ledger (XRPL)
Is a decentralized public blockchain
Instant transaction
The timestamp server is top notch
Network fees 0.00001
Remove old transactions
Carbon Neutral Ledger
The Xrp Ledger (XRPL) is environmentally friendly

2CD Tokenomics

Aug 8, 2021 (9:00AM GMT)
Munber of tokens for sale
1.000.000 Tokens
Feb 10, 2022 (9:00AM GMT)
Tokens Supply
2CD Total supply = 500k
Acceptable curencies
Minimal transection amount
10 Tokens / Transaction

Overview of What’s Here & What’s to Come

Sale token

Aug 08 - Aug 31
30% Bonus
Sep 01 - Sep 15
20% Bonus
Sep 16 - Sep 30
15% Bonus
Oct 01 - Oct 15
10% Bonus
Oct 16 - Oct 31
5% Bonus

Xumm Wallet

2Cold Coin Trustline

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XUMM is a non custodial client wallet for the XRP Ledger, with superpowers. XUMM allows you to interact with the XRP Ledger and 3rd party tools while keeping your keys super safe. XUMM supports signing all XRP ledger transactions, like payments & escrows.

Transformative technologies

Manage your Wallet

Different devices compatible

Online Buy & Sell

Tip on Twitter using the XRP Ledger tipbot (no wallet address need)

Buy any gift cards in the ChiSpend app

2Cold Coin (2CD)

Our final piece of advice to all crypto currency investors

Always do your own research

Only invest what you are comfortable investing

Download & learn the Xumm wallet

Take your crypto offline & put it onto a hot or cold wallet. Ex: Cold wallet (Xumm wallet), hot wallet (Nano Ledger)

Listen to @XRPLemi & @KillaStryder crypto blockchain music

2Cold Coin (2CD)

Our final piece of advice to all crypto currency investors

Come to a Wake And Bake Vibez Twitter space call, every Thursday @ 2pm EST

Come to a Fish Fry FryDay Twitter space call (occasionally on Fridays)

Come to a XRPL Pool Party Twitter space call, every Saturday @ 11 pm EST

Come to a XRPL COOKOUT on Twitter space calls, every Sunday (times vary)

Team Players

Our team player alway finds effective ways to improve the product and process


2Cold Coin (2CD) Stresses The Following Points

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Cryptlight is the most popular platform that is secure, smart and easy to buy, store and sell tokens.

Cryptlight is the most popular platform that is secure, smart and easy to buy, store and sell tokens.

Cryptlight is the most popular platform that is secure, smart and easy to buy, store and sell tokens.

Cryptlight is the most popular platform that is secure, smart and easy to buy, store and sell tokens.

Cryptlight is the most popular platform that is secure, smart and easy to buy, store and sell tokens.